Friday, April 17, 2009

Mt SAC Should Kick the Season Up a Notch

As the season begins to hit it's stride we now see larger gatherings of elite level athletes than we have in previous meets this spring. Where earlier meets had one or two elites in attendance, Mt SAC will give us that first real "Invitational" feel!

Mt SAC will host a plethora of talent, especially in the relays, sprints and hurdles. In the women's 4x1 we get to see Allyson Felix as she will pair with Ginnie Powell, Michelle Perry and Natasha Hastings. The men's event will see a team of Shawn Crawford, Kerron Clement, Rodney Martin and Craig Everhart going against a team with Leroy Dixon, and European's Tyrone Edgar and Martial Mbandjock.

The open sprints will include Leroy Dixon in the men's 100 and Dwain Chambers in his outdoor 200 meter debut. The women's sprints will see Carmelita Jeter, Torri Edwards, Carol Rodriguez, and Natasha Hastings compete - all former World and Olympic competitors.

Olympic silver and bronze medalists Sheena Tosta and Tasha Danvers will compete against each other in the 400IH, while American Record Holder Dominique Arnold will return to the 110HH wars against young studs Jeshua Anderson and Ryan Wilson after a couple of down seasons due to injuries.

In the 800 meters 2008 NCAA champion Geena Bell will take on 2007 champion Alysia Johnson in both the 800 and 1500 meter events. And Amy Acuff and Stacy Dragila will begin their farewell tours as both will be retiring at the end of the season.

There should be much to talk about by the end of this weekend.

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