Monday, June 15, 2009

It Doesn't Get Much Closer Than This

Track and Field: NCAA Championships

The final day of the NCAA Championships was everything that championship meet should be. Drama with Oregon's men and women's teams having done their damage early in the meet, the question is would they be caught by the Texas A&M squads who had lots of potential points on the final day.

And then there were the events themselves. There was the men's 800 meters with Andrew Wheating (1:46.21) fighting to the last step against Texas' Tevan Everett (1:46.27) to try and secure the final available points for his Oregon squad. Or how about the battle down the straight between Porscha Lucas, 22.81 (Texas A&M), Charonda Williams, 22.84 (Ariz St) and Alexandria Anderson, 22.88(Texas) Lucas looking to secure points towards their championship bid. Or the men's 110 hurdles where the University of Florida had two entrants that didn't win but scored significant points in 3rd (William Wynne) and 7th (Kallinka Pitt) pushing them into title contention heading into the meet's final event - the 4x4 relay.

Ah, the 4x4. Everyone dreams of watching a meet come down to the 4x4. And on this day heading into the final event there was the possibility that at the finish FOUR teams could be tied for the national title! In the end it was the Borlee twins of Florida State leading their squad to the #4 time in college history (2:59.99) to win the event, but Texas A&M (3:00.91) hanging in there for second place and the team title with 48 total points - just ahead of the 46 points scored by Oregon, Florida, and Florida State!

Almost as dramatic was the come from behind win for the A&M women as they went into their final scoring opportunity - the triple jump - cone point down to Oregon. Yasmine Regis' second place there securing the 50 to 43 point victory for Texas A&M over Oregon.

The meet started with several weather delays, but man did it close like a house a fire. It's this kind of competition - the varied events, close competition, battle for team points - that makes this type of meet as good as it gets in sports.

Full Results for the NCAA Championships can be found here.

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