Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mid Distance Watch


In keeping with yesterday’s post on the speed events, here is a corresponding chart on our middle distance runners. This group has been very quiet leading up to this point in the season, and may be even harder to predict than the sprinters. But here is a snap shot of the season to date. Before I start trying to make sense of all the numbers for both the sprinters and middle distance runners as we head into Nationals and determining the team for Daegu.

Middle Distance Watch


Season Best

Last Mark

Andrew Wheating 3:36.46 3:36.46 Very low key so far this season
Cory Primm 1:44.71 1:47.01 Co-US leader on the clock, only 6th at NCAA Champs
Robbie Andrews 1:44.71 1:44.71 Co-US leader, NCAA Champion in PR
Charles Jock 1:44.75 1:44.75 NCAA runner up, ran 1:45.18 in April
Elijah Greer 1:45.06 1:45.03 3rd at NCAA
Nick Symmonds 1:45.09 1:46.78 Ran SB in March, only 8th at Pre
Khadevis Robinson 1:45.09 1:45.40 Won in Rome, 2nd at Pre
Casimir Loxsom 1:45.31 1:45.31 4th at NCAA’s in SB/PR
Russell Brown 3:25.70 5:51.41 Find of the season so far, 4th at Pre
Lopez Lamong 3:37.01 5:53.85 Lightly raced so far, 9th at Pre
David Torrence 3:36.15 3:36.15 Surprise winner in New York
Miles Batty 3:36.25 3:45.07 5th at NCAA Champs
Alan Webb 3:37.82 3:37.82 3rd in Melbourne in Mar, unraced since
Alysia Montano 1:59.40 1:59.40 US leader in 800, 4th at Pre in only race of the season
Alice Schmidt 1:59.48 1:59..48 Won High Performance meet in Eagle Rock
Maggie Vessey 1:59.56 2:00.39 SB in taking 2nd at High Performance meet, 9th at Pre
Geena Gall 1:59.76 1:59.76 PR & 1st sub 2:00 in taking 6th at Pre
Phoebe Wright 1:59.98   Early season US leader
Anna Pierce 2:00.19   Very under raced this season
Jenny Simpson 4:09.56 4:09.56 SB in winning Drake Relays
Christin Wurth Thomas 2:00.72/4:03.72 4:08.55 US leader in 1500, 6th in Rome, 10th at Pre
Morgan Uceny 4:06.32 4:08.42 No outdoor 800s so far, 2nd in New York over 1500

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