Saturday, July 2, 2011

First 2011 Medal Watch List


With the team selected for Daegu, it’s time to start looking at where our medals our. So following is my first Medal Watch List of 2011. My final list of 2010 can be found here for comparison.

As you can see the list has already undergone some major renovation since the end of the 2010 season, and with nearly two months to go until Daegu I’m sure there will be more changes. As always the list is composed of those individuals that I feel have the potential to step onto the medal stand at the World Championships. As we know, however, much happens during a meet as intense as Worlds. Dropped batons. Misjudged rounds. Or simply a bad day, and medals slip away.

So while I feel that all of those listed have the potential to garner medals, reality is that some will not. Please note that in some cases there are multiple names listed. This is because while I feel that several individuals have the potential to medal in an event, I feel that only 1 will.

I will try to fine tune things and have my final projected list prior to the opening ceremony for the meet. But as July opens up, this is my list of those American’s that I feel have a strong shot at reaching the podium in Daegu.


Medal Watch List – Potential Medalists in Daegu

  Athlete Event
1. Walter Dix or Justin Gatlin 100 Meters
2. Carmelita Jeter 100 Meters
3. Marshevet Myers 100 Meters
4. Walter Dix 200 Meters
5. Allyson Felix 200 Meters
6. Shalonda Solomon 200 Meters
7. Tony McQuay 400 Meters
8. Jeremy Wariner 400 Meters
9. Allyson Felix 400 Meters
10. Debbie Dunn 400 Meters
11. Alysia Montano or Maggie Vessey 800 Meters
12. Andrew Wheating 1500 Meters
13. Uceny or Simpson or Rowbury 1500 Meters
14. Bernard Lagat 5000 Meters
15. Molly Huddle 5000 Meters
16. Shalane Flanagan 10000 Meters
17. David Oliver 110 Hurdles
18. Danielle Caruthers or Kelli Wells 100 Hurdles
19. Bershawn Jackson 400 Hurdles
20. Angelo Taylor 400 Hurdles
21. Lashinda Demus 400 Hurdles
22. Men’s 4x1 Relay
23. Women’s 4x1 Relay
24. Men’s 4x4 Relay
25. Women’s 4x4 Relay
26. Brittney Reese Long Jump
27. Christian Taylor Triple Jump
28. Jesse Williams High Jump
29. Jenn Suhr Pole Vault
30. Kara Patterson Javelin
31. Kibwe Johnson Hammer
32. Christian Cantwell Shot Put
33. Adam Nelson or Reese Hoffa Shot Put
34. Tre Hardee Decathlon
35. Ashton Eaton Decathlon


  1. So you dont think Merrit can medal in the 400?

  2. I won't comment on Meritt until after his first race which won't be until the end of the month .. He could come back and run mid 45 or he could run mid 44 .. The hard thing isn't whether or not he will be in good shape, but how well he is ready to race .. Based on how he looked before he took his time out I would rate him the favorite, but I need to see how he looks now, and whether or not the layoff has affected his game ..

  3. Wow, she was in my notes, don't know how I missed putting her in ... Just fixed it ... Thanks ...