Friday, May 1, 2009

Track Shorts - including Tyson Gay v Wallace Spearmon

Usain Bolt was in a car accident in Jamaica this week. No broken bones, but word from his manager yesterday is that he will be out the month of May, which means he will not be competing in Kingston this weekend. While Bolt said he was fine this is a smart move on the part of his people. Auto accidents can often result in spinal and back injuries even when no such injuries are apparent. I am taken back to the early part of this decade when Ato Boldon was in an auto accident that basically lead to the end of his career, as his performances were never quite the same. Hopefully such is not the case for Bolt.

Speaking of Kingston, information has been hard to come by, but I do know that along with Bolt the meet will be missing Asafa Powell, Veronica Campbell Brown, and Tyson Gay. We should see Olympic medalists Kerron Stewart and Shelly Ann Fraser in the women's 100, and Olympic medalist Richard Thompson along with early list leaders Marc Burns and Yohan Blake in the men's 100. Sanya Richards is reported to be in the women's 400 as is Kerron Clement in the men's 400H. And the shot put is reported to have Dan Taylor and Christian Cantwell. More on this meet as it becomes available.

Another meet stepping into prominence this weekend could be the Texas Invitational, which was put together at the last minute when a meet in Houston was canceled. The meet has drawn several Olympians including Tyson Gay, Wallace Spearmon, Muna Lee, and Lopez Lomong. The most interesting matchup will be Tyson Gay and Wallace Spearmon - not in the 100 or 200, but in the 400! Both ran 400's last weekend - Gay the open 400 in Arizona in a PR 46.34, Spearmon a relay leg at Penn in 45.5. Would be interesting to see two sprinters square off in what could be a 45 second battle over a quarter mile! This race could spice up the weekend.

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