Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Scanning through some meets there are more very good results from this weekend.

At the Georgia Invitational, long jumper Dwight Phillips set a new PR in the 100 meters with an excellent 10.06 (+2.0). Should bode very well for his long jumping this year. Later in the meet, 100 meter man Derrick Atkins (BAH), World Silver medalist in '07, moved up to the 200 and set a PR of 20.35 (+1.5). Atkins has been running a steady diet of 200's this spring, which should help his 100 - though he already had a strong finish.

At the Oxy Invitational in Southern California, long hurdler Felix Sanchez ran the open 400 in 45.82. The shocker, however, was 400 man Lionel Larry dropping down to the 100 meters and running a PR 20.23 INTO a -0,3 wind! He's into Lashawn Merritt territory speed wise, question is can he control it like Merritt for 400 meters?

And back to the preps, at the Mississippi state meet, Tavaris Tate ran a huge sprint triple going 10.48, 21.72, and 45.71 - the latter the best high school time in the country! Tate could be the second coming of Lashawn Merritt given time and good health.

And in Oregon Elijah Greer (1:48.97) and Nathan Matabane (3:50.48) ran national leaders in the 800 and 1500 meters respectively.

And it will only get better from here! Next up is the Adidas Classic in Carson California this weekend!

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